An elderly man in Penang came under fire this week for apparently breaking home quarantine rules.

This came after a clip of him having a meal while wearing what appears to be the Covid-19 wristband which went viral, drawing immense backlash from local netizens.

Source: Facebook

In response to that, the man’s daughter, Nisa Salleh, took to her Facebook to explain the whole situation. According to the lady, the pink bracelet worn was actually a pink-coloured paper bracelet provided by the hospital for visitors.


Nisa shared that her parents came to Ampang Hospital to set an appointment with the doctor for her mother. After that, they went to a restaurant to have lunch. However, her dad forgot to remove the band. That was when an unknown individual spread the rumour claiming that he is the person under surveillance (PUS) for Covid-19.

Angered by the false allegations made by internet trolls out there, Nisa revealed that her family had already lodged a police report about the case. She also revealed their plan to take action against the individual responsible for recording and spreading her father’s face without their consent.

Ampang Hospital also came up with a statement to address the matter. They clarified that the hospital has been providing coloured wristbands for its patients and visitors, mainly to indicate that they’ve gone through the process of screening, registration and body temperature examination at the main entrances of the hospital.

They further added that the colour of the bracelet is based on the appointment code set by the management. In this case, the pink band shows that the patient has an appointment at the Specialist Clinic at 8am.

The hospital concluded by urging the public to refrain from spreading misleading news that may bring confusion among everyone.

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