A pair of twins who have been dubbed as “The Most Identical In The World” left the internet community baffling with their amusing pregnancy plans recently.

The Aussie sisters, Anna and Lucy DecinQue, made an appearance on the talk show “This Morning” on Monday (27th July) with Ruth Langsford and Eamonn Holmes. During the live video chat with the two MCs, they revealed their plans to get pregnant at exactly the same time by their shared boyfriend, Ben Byrne.

Source: The Sun

“We want to experience pregnancy together,” Lucy explained, before adding that they also, “want to experience everything in life together. We will die together, we will grow old together, that’s how it’s going to be.”


Ruth then pondered how it was going to work, to which Eamonn remarked, “Ben will be knackered!” Anna replied, “Maybe IVF if we have to go down the road, even freezing our eggs at the same time. It will be a challenge, but everything in our life is a challenge. We want to be together all the time.”

Check out their full interview session here:

For those curious, the DecinQue twins have been dating the 39-year-old fitness junkie for 9 years now.

Source: Daily Mail.

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