Uh oh! Do we sense trouble brewing for K-Clique member Gnello?

Earlier today (Wednesday, 22nd July), a Twitter user claimed that the hip-hop artist was trying to have an affair with his former lover.

Source: Twitter

Seemingly furious at his ex-girlfriend, the netizen spilled that she often sent explicit photos of herself to the Sabahan rapper even back when they were still together. Furthermore, the woman allegedly spent a night together with Gnello at a residence in Ampang just to hear his “sad story”.


That’s not all!

In addition to Gnello, the individual also claimed that all the other members of the “Mimpi” hit-makers often have flings with various girls, especially in Kuala Lumpur. In one of his tweets, he wrote, “I’m not even surprised that these stars will get exposed for this. They are rappers after all. Since they are rich and famous, many will fall for them.”

Source: Instagram

Update (24th July):

The Twitter user has requested for his screenshot tweets to be removed. However, the story can still be found here.

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