AKB48 has carved a name for themselves and you might be thinking that they’re just an idol group with many cute girls with catchy songs. Well, they’re more than meets the eye.

In Japan, these girls are regarded as a national symbol. They are very amiable, and many Japanese people adore them, regardless of age or gender. But hang on! What’s the difference between SKE48, NMB48, HKT48, JKT48 and SNH48?

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Aki-P, the producer of AKB48 wanted to make his concept of “idols you can meet” spread nationwide, and at the time, the opportunity to open another theatre presented itself in Sakae, Nagoya. SKE48 is named after SaKaE and the girls are generally famous for their strong dancing and powerful performances.


We had a chance to get to know SKE48 ahead of their virtual concert for Japan Expo Malaysia. The girls talked about their bonding time with senior members and their expectations from their fans.

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Check out the interview:

What has surprised you the most about meeting fans from different regions of Japan and around the world?

Haruka Kumazaki : I’m so thrilled that our SKE48 spirit can resonate with everyone around the world. Also, I’m very much looking forward to observe what type of support we might receive during this event.

Yuki Arai: I’m so anxious to know the reaction from our overseas audiences. We’ll do our best in our performance so that those who don’t understand Japanese can also enjoy our performance.

What are you looking forward to during the virtual meet and greet session with your fans?

Nao Furuhata: I’m happy to communicate with people we hardly have a chance to interact with. Although we will be at a distance from each other, we can still exchange a smile.

Yuna Ego: As we haven’t had the chance to interact with our overseas fans, I’m looking forward to a fun session together with them and our fans in Japan. 

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How do you keep in touch with seniors who have graduated and seek helpful advice from them?

Kaho Sato: With those senior members who have already graduated, I’ve been communicating via SNS. Plus, I do chat with them when they come to watch our shows. I keep in touch with senior members who have helped me in person during their birthdays, New Year and other occasions.

In addition, I’ve been learning from those senior members on how to be aggressive or responsive during our performance and other related activities.

Ruka Inoue: We’ve exchanged contact details with each other and sometimes we get to hang out together. I’m always fascinated at watching their expressions and dancing techniques. In following the footsteps of senior members of SKE48, I will strive harder moving forward so that people can admire my performance.

To catch their live performance during Japan Expo Malaysia, click here.

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