The famous Cocohut Long Beach Resort in Perhentian Island came under fire this week after a customer claimed that the holiday house chased him and his friends out for refusing to pay RM50 additional charge.

The guy in question, Ridzuan Hsn, took to his Facebook to share his bad experience with his followers on social media. The post has garnered over 255 shares online, with a sleuth of comments from netizens slamming the staff in charge for being unprofessional.


A few days after Ridzuan’s post came to light, the management team of Cocohut Long Beach finally stepped in to clarify the situation. In a statement provided to VOCKET, they revealed that Ridzuan’s status was taken from their bias side.

In clearing the air on the story, the team shared that they received bookings under his name from one of their agents in Kuala Besut, named Fatihah. They reserved one deluxe room (twin sharing) for 3 days 2 nights – 4th to 6th July 2020 (Saturday, Sunday and Monday).

There’s always two coins to a story. Here’s the resort’s explanation:

“Ridzuan and his friends came to the counter for check-in around 11am on 4th July. During that time, our staff was also busy managing the registration of other guests and this may have caused us to overlook their welcome arrival.

Source: Ready To Trip

During the registration, we found that they had come with another female friend, who also brought her luggage. The capacity for the Deluxe room (according to booking and actual payment) was for two guests only. Since all three of them were carrying their suitcases, we asked if the room booking was for two or three people. Ridzuan then asked, ‘How much should we pay if she wants to stay here as well?’

We informed that an additional fee of RM50.00 per day will be charged to their friend if she makes use of all the facilities at our resort, much to Ridzuan’s dismay. For those who don’t know, the fee is to cover parts of the operating costs. Furthermore, we weren’t really convinced with their claim that the girl had already booked another hotel and was just there to accompany her friends.

After finishing the inspection according to the SOPs, the three of them sat in the restaurant area where we heard them banging their luggages, allegedly with the intention to grab our attention. They also uttered abusive words to provoke us like, ‘Stupid! They thought we’ve never checked in a hotel before this’ and ‘They thought we’re staying here for free? We paid money!’

Source: VOCKET

Due to their rude actions, our staff came to them and informed that we had decided to cancel the room reservation. We also showed Ridzuan the notice that we have the rights to cancel any bookings if the guests show disturbing and violent behaviour. In this case, we deny Ridzuan’s claim that we chased the trio out.


The video uploaded by Ridzuan on social media (already deleted) was taken during the process of cancelling their reservation and returning the money to Fatihah (the agent). The act of uploading a video, by displaying the resort manager’s clear face without permission, has violated his personal rights and clearly this has legal implications.

However, Ridzuan refused to cancel the booking and still insisted on staying at Cocohut Long Beach. This resulted in a heated argument among him, his friends and a few of our staffs. We could also hear Ridzuan uttering abusive, obscene and racist words as follows: ‘Chinese are like that, they eat pork,’ which was very rude, inappropriate and racist.

Source: VOCKET

After completing the refund, the three left the building without even returning the room key. Thanks to Fatihah’s help, we were informed that they have made a new reservation at another chalet nearby and had to contact the chalet in order to obtain the room key again.

As the statement made by Ridzuan Hassan gave a huge impact to the company, we are currently discussing with our lawyer in order to take further action in court. We will also answer some of his claims through the right channels in order to clear the name of Cocohut Long Beach.

We also acknowledge all the negative reviews from other users. However, we are always open to receive feedback, comments and suggestions for improvement from our customers. Therefore, we request netizens to not solely blame us regarding this matter.”


What are your thoughts after hearing their explanation?

Source: VOCKET.

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