The body of Kannada actor Susheel Gowda was discovered in his home today (Thursday, 9th July). However, it is learnt that the actor had been dead for a couple of days.

Though the case is still under investigation, it was believed that the up-and-coming movie star died from suicide. Surprisingly, the unfortunate news came almost a month after Bollywood actor Sushant Singh Rajput’s death came to light.

For those interested, we’ve compiled 4 facts about his shocking passing.


1. He stayed with his parents during the Covid-19 lockdown

Source: Instagram

Susheel was an only child in his family. The actor was staying in his hometown in Induvalu, Mandya, a city in the state of Karnataka and spent some quality time with his parents throughout the Covid-19 pandemic lockdown in his country.

2. The case is still under investigation

Source: Gulf News

Gowda was found dead on Tuesday (7th July). According to the police, his body was found in his family’s house. To date, police have not determined whether Susheel left any notes before ending his own life. In fact, he didn’t show any symptoms of depression before this.

3. His latest movie is scheduled to premier this year

Source: YouTube

Gowda’s upcoming movie, “Salaga” is set to release this year. In the action flick, the hunk took on the role of a police officer. The director, Duniya Vijay took to his social media to post a lengthy tribute to the actor. According to Vijay, he always thought that Gowda will rise to stardom one day. It’s unfortunate that Vijay’s wish was not fulfilled.

4. He also worked as a personal trainer

Source: Instagram

Apart from acting, Gowda was also well-known for his stint as a fitness coach. Interestingly, his last update on his Instagram (back in January) shows him working out at the gym. Since then, he went on a hiatus until his passing news came to light.

Our hearts go out to the deceased family and loved ones. Rest in peace.

Source: Times Of India via Murai.

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