Anya Geraldine raised a lot of eyebrows when she recently posted a photo of herself drinking from a baby bottle.

The recent snapshot has gained over 2k retweets and 38.7k likes on Twitter. The post has also garnered 2.9k comments from netizens either making fun of her or expressing their confusion.

Anya Geraldine
Source: Anya Geraldine

Despite the disapproval from her parents, the 24-year-old Indonesian actress admitted that she’s been having a hard time breaking away from the habit of drinking from a milk bottle. Now that she’s been living on her own, no one is there to intervene.


The story is that I was asked by my parents to stop drinking from the baby bottle when I entered standard six. They threw out all my baby bottles but in the end, I started drinking from them again when I went to college,” the “Yowis Ben 2” star recalled.

She added, “When I began living on my own, I picked up the habit once more but whenever my parents come around, they will always throw the bottle out.” Anya Geraldine even posted screenshot of a conversation with her mom, who warned her that this bad habit might ruin her teeth.


For those curious about what brand of milk the public figure was drinking, she revealed, “dancow putih/pediasure”.

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