A Malaysian girl, Nurul Nabihah Aiman Asmadi recently took to her Twitter over the weekend to share a funny experience she encountered while renewing her driving license during the RMCO period.

She uploaded a picture of her license on social media. The interesting part that caught everyone’s attention is the fact that her face mask still attached to her chin. Her bag strap was visible as well.

According to Nabihah, she had to retake a new photo because her latest passport photo was not in the system. At that time, she didn’t bring any photos with her. The officer on duty then asked her to proceed into a room to snap a new picture.

Because she was in a state of panic, Nabihah ended up forgetting to remove her face mask as well as her sling bag when her photo was taken. It wasn’t until another officer brought up the obvious that she realised her mistake.

Her response to the person-in-charge was priceless! “Its okay sir, this license can be a memory to remind me that it was made during MCO. I’ll probably never get the chance to take the same photo again,” replied Nabihah. At the time of writing (Wednesday, 1st July), the tweet has gained over 13,000 retweets and 32,000 likes online.

Going through the replies, a lot of netizens were entertained with Nabihah’s story. On the other hand, others also felt sympathetic towards her for what she had to go through. Interestingly, there were a few who shared the same fate as her too. They also posted their own driving licence photo in the comments section.

Do you have any other interesting stories to share during RMCO?

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