Yesterday afternoon (Thursday, 18th June), an attempted bank robbery took place Felda Ayer Tawar 5, Kota Tinggi around 2pm.

The 19-year-old man entered the bank with a sickle and held a female customer hostage with the weapon to the neck. Several videos and photos taken during the scary incident have since gone viral on social media.


From the closed-circuit television (CCTV) camera recording and witness statements, we found that the suspect came alone and suddenly grabbed the woman, who was in front of the bank, as a hostage. The suspect threw down a bag, demanding for money, placing the sickle to the neck of the woman,” said Johor CID chief Md Yusof Ahmad.

Kota Tinggi police chief Superintendent Ashmon Bajah added, “Acting to protect customers and the bank staff, the on-duty security guard fired his pump-gun at the robber and hit him at his right rib. The robber was declared dead at the scene. His body was taken to the Sultan Ismail Hospital for post-mortem. No one was injured in the incident including the hostage and the bank staff.”

A local resident named Nurul Izzati Kamali who saw the whole episode play out told New Straits Times, “The bank shutters were pulled down and there was a shout coming from inside (the bank) asking for money.”

The 23-year-old continued, “Residents at the scene had called the police and several of them guarded the bank’s front and back doors, making sure the robber would not escape. Several minutes later, there were knocking sounds coming from the door and the police were ready to intercept if it was the robber who came out from the bank. Instead, several customers came out and some of them were crying and in a state of shock.”

Source: NST

The robbery is being investigated under Section 307 and Section 393 of the Penal Code. Thankfully, no bank staff or customers were injured during the incident.

The police also added that the suspect had no prior criminal history.

Sources: Malay Mail, China Press.

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