A blonde woman made headlines this week for spending $75k (approx. RM320k) to become bimbo-like human sex doll.

In her quest to achieve the “perfect” figure, Sapphire Saint has gone through 3 boob job (going from A to H cup), multiple liposuction and plastic surgeries.

Source: @sapphiresaintofficial

The 27-year-old confessed that she took on a 76-year-old sugar daddy to cover her initial expanses. However, the duo split after her lucrative career took off as an escort. “My first surgery was paid for by my sugar daddy who wanted me to have a fake look, but now I self-finance because I earn more,” she said.


The Los Angeles chick continued, “He and I got married but we are currently in the middle of a divorce. He helped me get out of a bad financial situation but I didn’t have much in common with him because he’s 76 years old. I don’t really have a dating life although I do have a sex life. I’m a slut all day and a slut all night.”

Blonde Woman
Source: @sapphiresaintofficial

Sapphire is not done with her surgeries yet though. “I intend to get butt implants, cheek implants, a cat-eye lift, rhinoplasty, a Bratz-doll lip lift, permanently high-heeled Barbie-feet surgery, and rib removal for a permanent corseted look. I’m also still expanding the size of my boobs – probably up to 4000cc,” she added.

It comes as no surprise that Sapphire is often the subject of controversy or slut-shaming. As someone who has a substantial following, she often receives negative comments. “Some are from men who want to date me and can’t. Others are from women who are jealous or judgemental,” she explained.

Source: @sapphiresaintofficial

When someone tells me I look like a fake plastic doll, those are compliments to me,” the blonde woman said.

Source: The Mirror UK.

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