Uh-oh! Do we sense trouble brewing for giant tech company Google?

Google was recently slapped with a potential class-action lawsuit that demands at least $5 billion for allegedly violating users’ privacy infringements.

Google Lawsuit
Source: VOA

Reuters reported that Google has allegedly collected information about users browsing activities online, despite using the Incognito mode. They also claimed that the company has been collecting data through other platforms like Google Analytics, Google Ads Manager, as well as other applications and website plug-ins.


According to the complaint filed in US. District Court in San Jose, California, “Billions of times a day, Google causes computers around the world to report the real-time internet communications of hundreds of millions of people to Google.”

Additionally, the complaint expressed their concerns over Google learning about users’ personal informations such as their friends, favourite foods to the “most intimate and potentially embarrassing things” that they searched on the web.

Source: NY Times

As at time of writing, Google has yet to address the matter in their official statement.

Source: Reuters.

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