Say it isn’t so! After 3 years of marriage, Lee Dong Gun (이동건) and Jo Yoon Hee (조윤희) have officially parted ways.

Dispatch reported that the “My Boyfriend Is Type B” actor and the “Pied Piper” starlet have filed for divorce, citing irreconcilable differences as the main reason.

Source: WowKeren

The latter’s agency King Kong by Starship confirmed the news soon after the initial reports came out. It was revealed that the couple had officially divorced on 22nd May. Read the entertainment company’s official statement here:


“Hello this is King Kong by Starship. We’re informing you that on 22nd May, Jo Yoon Hee has officially divorced Lee Dong Gun through divorce arbitration proceedings at the Seoul Family Court.

As we deliver this sudden news, we ask for the understanding of those who congratulated the couple and cheered on their marriage. Jo Yoon Hee will work hard in order to greet you in the future through good activities.”

Source: Twitter

Subsequently, Lee Dong Gun’s label FNC Entertainment also released a statement regarding the sudden unfortunate news. The agency shared, “We are sorry to hear that they’ve decided to part ways. We will respect their wishes. (In this case) Divorce is a sensitive issue. We ask for your encouragement and comfort as they have made a difficult decision regarding the matter.”

The former “Gentlemen of Wolgyesu Tailor Shop” co-stars registered their marriage on 2nd May 2017. Lee Dong Gun and Jo Yoon Hee then held a private wedding ceremony in September that same year. The couple welcomed their first newborn – a baby girl – in December 2017.

Source: Soompi

Speaking of their child, an insider told the news outlet that Jo Yoon Hee has received full custody of their one and only daughter.

Sources: Soompi, Koreaboo.

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