2020 has been a controversial year for  Vivy Yusof so far. Several individuals have publicly voiced out about being bullied by the businesswoman and it looks like we haven’t seen the last of it.

This time around, local artist Izat Arif revealed that he received a warning letter from the FashionValet founder’s legal team after he came up with a parody poster featuring the fashion entrepreneur.


Izat took to Instagram last night to share with his followers a notice from Vivy’s lawyer. He accompanied the post with the caption, “All (accusations) of plagiarism are equal, but some (accusations) of plagiarism are more equal than others.” He ultimately had to remove the poster – probably to avoid getting slap with a lawsuit.

To quote MalayMail, Izat’s artwork and comment featuring Vivy “purportedly points” to her past plagiarism claims. Previously, Vivy was accused of copying Sleepyllama’s designs and the concepts from her past collaboration project with Soonaru. These were some examples that came to light because they spoke up.

As expected, Vivy and her team’s request for Izat to delete the post was met with widespread backlash from enraged netizens. In this case, they were heavily criticised for their improper approach in handling the issue. Additionally, others considered it as an attempt to block Izat’s creative freedom as an artist.

For those who don’t know, a lot of Izat’s pieces have been exhibited in Ilham Gallery. As reported by the local press, the artist is known for his multidisciplinary creations that combine drawings, sculptures and ready-made objects.

Source: MMO. / Featured Image: VOCKET.

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