Indonesian influencer Sarah Salsabila a.k.a Sarah Keihl caused quite a stir after she announced that she would sell off her virginity in an auction.

“A pretty tough decision in my life. Maybe some of you understand this, but I’ve decided I’ll do so to raise funds to help those affected by the Covid-19 pandemic,” Sarah said in a clip uploaded on her Instagram yesterday (Wednesday, 20th May).

Source: IG via Indozone

In the video, Sarah said that her virginity auction will start at Rp 2 billion (around RM591k). She further revealed that the process would take place at 9pm (Indonesian time zone).


Hoping that the decision made will be seen in a positive light by the public, Sarah also shared that the proceeds will be donated to the needy during this current situation. “All of the funds will be donated to all Covid-19 fighters as well as those who need them,” she was quoted as saying.

Source: IG

However, not long after the video made its way online, Sarah then removed the post. She later admitted that the announcement made earlier was merely a joke, much to everyone’s dismay. In response to the massive backlash received, she later took to her Instagram to clear the air on the matter.

“I’m really sorry for all the inconvenience caused. I didn’t mean to come up with such degrading post and I didn’t even mean to sell off my virginity in the first place,” wrote Sarah. Check out her full statement here:

Realising that her “prank” post was rather immature, Sarah gave a lengthy apology for making fun of the situation.

Source: Tribun News.

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