With all the gloomy atmosphere surrounding the Covid-19 outbreak, AirAsia has something exciting to share with y’all.

The famed low-cost airline recently announced the extension of its AirAsia Unlimited Pass validity until 30th June 2021. Initially, the pass was only valid until early March 2021.


For those who don’t know, the AirAsia Unlimited Pass allows customers to fly on AirAsia X flights multiple times within one year, subjected to flight availability. Since the “unlimited” part of this pass only applies to the base fare, users may need to fork out additional fees such as add-ons, taxes, regulatory fees, etc…

Also, based on the screenshot attached above, AirAsia Unlimited Pass will not include fights to Bali, Singapore, and Jeddah as well as fly-thru routes. In addition, the image shows that the pass was available for purchase from 29th February to 7th March 2020. For more info, y’all are free to visit its official website here.

However, with the good news comes a not so delightful one. As reported by Today Online, those in Asia Pacific will most likely expect air fares to increase by 54%! In case you’re wondering why, this is mostly due to the urge for new social distancing measures on board most aircraft. In this case, all middle row seats on flights will have to remain empty.

Even in Malaysia, airline companies are already preparing for the probability of increasing its ticket prices. According to Malindo Air Chief Executive Officer Captain Mushafiz Mustafa Bakri via China Press, the factors that contribute to the significant change in air ticket prices include the need to cover losses in revenue, the cost of disinfection, and calls for social distancing.

Source: BBC

What do y’all have to say about this?

Sources: Lowyat, Today Online, China Press.

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