A little girl named Che Naura Auni previously gained major buzz from fans for resembling Neelofa. She was even invited to meet the celeb face to face on “MeleTOP”!

However, netizens have noticed something amiss about this kid. Based on the tweet below, a lot of fans pointed that Naura looked visibly uncomfortable while striking her pose for the camera.

Source: Twitter via BeautifulNara

One Twitter user wrote, “I don’t care about what others think about this, to overly groom your kids to look and dress like adults is just creepy to me.” Others agreed with his sentiment. In this case, many criticised Naura’s parents for trying too hard to gain people’s attention.


Apart from that, she is often styled with over-the-top outfits and heavy make-up that aren’t suitable for someone as young as her. As pointed out by a few commentators, young girls aren’t supposed to wear thick make-up because of its high chemical content.

Others also expressed their concerns over Naura for not being able to live a normal life like other kids her age. Many also felt that her mum and dad should allowed the little girl to live freely and do whatever she wants, instead of having to adhere her parents’ wishes for the sake of fame.

Source: Twitter via BeautifulNara

Do y’all agree with what the netizens had to say?

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