Just when we thought we’ve had enough of plagiarism issues going around, another one arises.

Most recently, a local fashion designer Zachrin Jaafar took to his Instagram Story to call out a major fashion label Shawlpublika for allegedly copying the designs from one of his Raya collection.

Though his stories are no longer available, a user named @iqzr_ screenshot and posted them on her Twitter (as seen above). “We’re back in another episode of ‘Have you copied others’ designs yet?'” she captioned her tweet. The post has gained over 12,000 retweets as at time of writing.

In relation to Zachrin’s case, the Perak-born designer wrote, “I don’t want to specifically mention the name of the brand but I only have one thing to say; Your brand is big but unfortunately y’all are lacking in ideas.” The designer was seemingly disappointed after coming across the images.

For those interested, check out his posts here:

Source: Twitter via Lobak Merah

In response, one particular commentator suggested for local designers to copyright their designs in order to prevent from being ripped off. However, another user replied by stating that the process of patenting their designs may costs a lot.


What are your thoughts about this issue?

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