K-fans are currently discussing the recurring future of girl group Gugudan (구구단) following some of the members’ devastating confessions online recently.

Group leader Hana initially posted on Instagram, “I have to get back to my senses. I feel a tremendous amount of helplessness for not being able to let go of what I wanted to do. Today was a very sad day.”


Soon after, fellow teammate Soyee uploaded a screenshot of her text conversation with Hana, further raising everyone’s curiosity. The translated conversation reads:

  • Soyee: “I can relate to this so much.”
  • Hana: “Because we all felt it together. We’re all in the same boat.”

Not only that, member Sally also revealed her group’s hardships after they were forced to undergo their career hiatus. “A year and a half ago, the company suddenly told us to go back to our homes, but I didn’t dare to return to my hometown,” the Chinese starlet shared in an interview with GQ Magazine.


She added, “I was afraid that I’d give up (on my dreams) completely after returning home. The only thing I could do was to hold on to the letters that fans gave me and cry in front of the mirror every night in order to relieve my stress. But I’m still grateful for not giving up at that time.”

As for now, it hasn’t been revealed what’s the real reason behind the girls’ cry for help. But some fans believed that this might have to do with Gugudan’s inactivity as a whole group. For those who don’t know, their last music release dated back in November 2018, which was nearly a year and a half ago.

Besides Sejeong and Mina, the other members have rarely seen sighted in the spotlight as much. Ultimately, Gugudan’s home label, Jellyfish Entertainment has been receiving backlash from fans for not promoting the group properly.


Some also expressed their concerns that the “Not That Type” jam-makers may receive the same fate as the now-defunct group Pristin. For those interested, check out some of the comments posted by netizens here:

Source: thektea

As at time of writing, the agency has yet to come up with any official statement to address the issue.

Source: Koreaboo.

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