The internet went nuts after the story about a female burger seller pranked by a scammer who claimed she was “Ginnyboy from YouTube” went viral over the weekend.

She had received an order to prepare 20 sets of homemade burger costing a total of RM140 by the “customer”. In the viral WhatsApp conversation, the culprit also asked the woman to meet him at the Public Bank branch in Jalan Klang Lama.

The woman then travelled all the way to meet the customer with the 20 packs of burgers ready. She was informed to wait at the Public Bank building. The customer told her that she would come down to make the payment and asked the seller for her car number plate.

Later, she received a text from the customer. The message reads, “Hi 8984 it’s a prank I’m ginnyboy from YouTube. You can eat all the Burger(s),” much to her dismay upon realising that it was all a setup. Following the incident, her sister took to her Facebook to urge fellow merchants to always charge their customers before delivering their items.

Additionally, a few netizens assumed that the person behind the wrongly-timed joke was famous content creator Jinnyboy (real name Jin Lim). He quickly responded by posting his statement on his Facebook account to clarify the situation.

The former Hitz fm announcer further assured everyone that he’s not the culprit behind the prank. In fact, he claimed that the last prank he did was 7 years ago while on air. Check out his posts below:


As for the scammer, many have tried to contact the prankster but unfortunately the number had been deleted.

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