A private university student was jailed seven days and fined RM800 for leaving her house to present a her homebaked cake to her boyfriend.

As reported by New Straits Times, the 22-year-old had clearly violated the Movement Control Order (MCO), said Magistrate Ellyna Othman.


Magistrate Ellyna then ordered the girl to be imprisoned which started from the date of the arrest on Saturday (18th April). She further warned that the sentence could be extended to two months if she failed to pay the fine.

Meanwhile, her same aged boyfriend was fined RM1,000 or 2 months period in jail for breaking the MCO when he drove all the way from his home to try the cake. Both of them were found guilty after the charges were read out separately.

Source: The Star

The English press also reported that the police found them both seated in his vehicle and eating the treat by the side of the road. The offence was allegedly committed at about 9pm at Jalan SP1/8, Subang Perdana on 18th April.

The student then informed the police that she had left her residence, which was about 800m from where the couple were detained, to hand the cake to her boyfriend. Meanwhile, the boyfriend reportedly traveled 8km from his home just to taste the cake.

Image for illustration purpose only (Source: FMT)

The duo’s lawyer, Shalehhuddin Salam, requested for a lighter punishment after notifying the magistrate that it was their first ever offence. Despite the plead, Deputy Public Prosecutor Nur Syazwanie Marizan insisted for a stiff sentence made against the offenders.

“The people must be reminded that they cannot simply defy the MCO as it could lead to new clusters of Covid-19 emerging,” Syazwanie was quoted as saying.

Source: NST.

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