When will the movement control order (MCO) be lifted? The majority (if not all) of us look forward to the day where we can freely go out again.

During yesterday’s Covid-19 briefing, Health director-general Datuk Dr Noor Hisham Abdullah was asked about what boxes needed to be ticked before lifting MCO.

Source: The Star/ EPA-EFE

Our Malaysian hero listed down 6 criteria:

  1. Border control – Screen and quarantine those who return from abroad.
  2. Movement Control Order – By staying at home, the chances of being infected are low.
  3. Health system – Speed up polymerase chain reaction (PCR) screenings.
  4. Steps to protect high-risk groups – E.g.: disabled, elderly, chemotherapy patients, etc.
  5. Sticking to the new norms – Social distancing, washing their hands and avoiding gatherings.
  6. Working with the authorities to come up with a “soft landing” strategy.

We aren’t sure if we will lift the MCO. What I know for sure is that we must continue to avoid gathering in large crowds,” Dr Noor Hisham was quoted as saying. “We are still surveying the data from the MCO but what we must do is fulfil 6 criteria before ending it.”


Furthermore, the government will only consider lifting MCO when the number of Covid-19 cases drop to single-digit numbers.

Sources: The Star, Malay Mail.

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