Do we sense a new K-pop couple in town?

According to an exclusive report by Sports Chosun, Starship entertainment label-mates MONSTA X‘s Kihyun (기현) and Cosmic Girls (WJSN)’s Bona (보나) have been seeing one another for over five years!

Source: Kpop Chart

Apparently, the lovebirds became close friends since their trainee days. It was also reported that their romance began to grow from a mere senior-junior relationship to long-term lovers since 2015.


The outlet continued by claiming that both Kihyun and Bona have been “extra cautious” about their relationship. Additionally, it is said that they have gone on numerous dates secretly and spent most of their time together in the “Shoot Out” jam-maker’s vehicle.

Not only that! Sports Chosun further added that Kihyun and Bona also invited their friends to hang out together, hinting that they were already aware about their budding romance. In fact, the alleged couple recently went on a vacation to Jeju Island with a group of friends as well.

Source: Koreaboo

However, not long after the news circulated, the agency for both Kihyun and the “Your House Helper” actress has came forth to deny all the claims that the two are in a relationship.

The statement from the agency reads, “Kihyun and Bona are just a senior and junior from the same company. The reports that they dated for five years or went on a trip together are not true.”

Sources: Koreaboo, Soompi.

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