As we are now in the 3rd phase of the movement control order (MCO), the rules are now stricter where only 1 person is allowed to travel out of the house. The public isn’t allowed to travel anywhere further than 10km and no one is allowed to go out after 8pm.

However, Health DG Dr Noor Hisham said this week that more and more restless Malaysians have been disobeying the MCO. Some have even boasted about it online.

Click to enlarge (Source: Facebook)

Apparently, several rule breakers have been sharing “tips” on how to get away when being stopped at a roadblock. One of them was a family of 4 who drove to Kuala Lumpur after lying to an officer that 1 of their child was ill and needed to see the doctor; plus no one was at home to take care of the other youngster.


One Facebook user name Khairul Anuar Ahmad wrote, “Do you think those of us on guard enjoy suffering under the hot sun and braving through the rain at roadblocks everyday? It’s disgusting to witness such selfish individuals, especially during this health crisis.”

Another Facebook user proudly uploaded his trip out of the house when allegedly used his wife’s frontliner tag to get pass MCO roadblocks. In the screenshot (pictured blow), the tag on the yellow-green card reads, “Health Officer: Official Business Only”.

In his post, the man wrote, “Thankfully my wife is a frontliner so there’s no need to worry whenever I go through a roadblock.” Looking at the comments section on the viral post, it is believed that the husband-wife duo have deactivated their Facebook accounts following massive backlash.


It’s truly disheartening to see individuals disobeying the law and putting the lives of others at risk. If these sort of cases continue on, the MCO might very well extend till the end of May or even June.

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