More and more Instagram users have been using Instagram Live in the midst of the partial lockdown – whether to conduct free workout sessions or simply to interact with followers.

Good news peeps, you now don’t have to limit yourself to watch live Instagram feeds on your mobile phone only. The new Instagram feature is now viewable on web browsers!

Instagram Live


There have been slight improvements when it comes to the interface in order to accommodate a bigger screen. It still supports two-person streams, but there is now extra screen space as the comments are separated from the video. This way, you won’t have to annoyed with half the feed being obsructed by text.

According to Engadget, while this feature is an upgrade of sorts from the mobile experience, Instagram users won’t be able to start a broadcast from the desktop. So it’s still not a complete alternative like other social media platforms. Still, it’ll come in handy for celebrities and influencers alike.

Source: Android Police

Source: Engadget.

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