In light of the Covid-19 outbreak, many movie lovers have been going on a movie marathon. Some have even been organising virtual Quarantine Watch Parties for Marvel films.

Joining in on the fun is James Gunn when fans across the globe re-watched “Guardians of the Galaxy”. The director has been dropping interesting reveals in his live tweets – some of which came as a surprise to many.

Source: Marvel

Take a look at some of the interesting tidbits and insights shared by Gunn:


1. Star Lord dancing to Redbone’s “Come and Get Your Love” tune.

2. Peter Quill isn’t too fond of Earth.


3. Mapping out the character’s developments.

4. The challenge of squeezing Thanos into “Guardians of the Galaxy”.

5. Nebula’s redemption arc

6. He regrets shooting the Peter Quill-Gamora space sequence underwater.

In case you can’t recall, this particular scene is when Nebula blows up Gamora’s space pod outside of Knowhere. Peter Quill insisted on saving his love interest by giving her his helmet.

7. Chris Pratt chimed in about his near death experience.

The future:

8. Rocket Racoon will have a bigger role in the 3rd instalment.

Source: The Direct.

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