Uh oh! Looks like global star Zee Avi is not really pleased knowing that people have been using her song without her consent.

The Sarawak-born entertainer recently uploaded a snippet of a health awareness song that samples her 2009 hit “Bitter Heart” on her Twitter.

Disappointed with the fact, Zee Avi tweeted, “Umm guys, just so you know, when you do things like this, you need permission! It does not matter if you changed the lyrics, this is all intellectual property that you need to know.”

The “Kantoi” hit-maker further added, “You know these things are not done for fun okay? I have my former labels and publishers to go through for stuff like this! Please be more knowledgeable when pursuing things like this!” In another tweet, she revealed that this is not the first time she had encountered such situation.

Moral of the story: Please be more mindful when using other people’s properties. Plagiarism is not cool, guys!

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