Gardenia Bread is pretty much a hot topic among Malaysians ever since the panic buying occurred 2 weeks ago.

Despite the fact that stocks are being replenished regularly, there are still several netizens using this opportunity to mark up the bread’s price. Are they fully aware that the bread only has a short shelf life?

Last weekend, Twitter user Areefah Tantowi posted a screenshot of an interesting transaction on Shopee Malaysia. The seller was selling a loaf of Gardenia for RM12000 with the inclusion of a “free” Asus ROG laptop.

The tweet started gaining traction with other netizens chiming in on trading their Gardenia bread for a girlfriend or to swap with other gadgets. As at time of writing, the Twitter post has since gained 13.5k retweets and 14.9k likes.

Gardenia Bread

We decided to browse through Shopee Malaysia and notice some sellers are reselling it at RM69k. One is even offering a “free” a scooter to go along with the Gardenia bread.

To quote someone, “is Gardenia the new currency for Malaysia?

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