Many CIMB customers have expressed concerns over certain transactions in their account which were labelled as “Direct Debit” in their CIMB Clicks mobile app or website.

These Direct Debit transactions don’t seem to carry any clear description whatsoever leading to many believing that these transactions were made without authorisations.

Here are some reactions on twitter:


Apparently, these transactions aren’t major cause for concern according to CIMB themselves, stating that the Direct Debit transactions are real. Here is a full statement by CIMB:


“We would like to reassure affected customers that the recent ‘direct debit’ transactions are legitimate debit card transactions done by customers. These were isolated incidents relating to incomplete transactions performed by customers with overseas merchants such as online streaming subscriptions/ services. However, the transaction description were re-termed as ‘direct debits’, causing the confusion for our customers. We apologise for the confusion and we will be communicating with the affected customers directly.”

CIMB has directly responded to some of the complaints made on Twitter stating that some of the transactions were related to overseas transactions or subscription services like Spotify and Netflix.

However, some users aren’t satisfied with their response. Here are some of responses from Twitter:

Yeah, it looks like we might not be hearing the end of this just yet and there’s probably more for CIMB to say to this whole situation.

CIMB customers affected by this may be fuming but some people are finding a funny side to this story:

For customers looking to inquire more information about such transactions, CIMB urges them to reach its customer service hotline at 03-62047788.

Note that this hotline is currently only operational between 8am to 7pm due to the on-going Movement Control Order.

Source: Twitter.

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