To quote 8 Days, this Subway promo has April Fools’ prank written all over it.

A few days ago, Subway Singapore posted an announcement that it was launching an “all-new Subway Durian Delite, made with real Durian flesh, available in Chicken Durian Delite and Italian B.L.T Durian Delite”.


Naturally, this promo got a lot of Durian lovers excitement. “I love durians as this is one of my favourite fruit,” someone commented. Another chimed in, saying, “Ya’ll better be using MSW durians for this.” “Can just have the bread with durian spread?” one commentator asked.

A number of people called Subway out, saying that this was an obvious April Fools joke. “But it caught all your attention and peaked your interests, correct? So their advertising peeps totally aced this campaign.. good news or bad news.. it’s still news… people are going to be curious and talk about the brand or for the adventurous, buy at least one to taste ….and that is successful marketing,” a follower added his two cents.


Having said that, do you secretly wish that Subway would introduce a durian spread with any of the flavours already available?

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