The secret to a happy marriage is Doraemon? Who would’ve thought?

The Ministry of Women, Family and Community Development (KPWKM) triggered outrage among the public after promoting gender stereotypes. The series of posters urge women to wear make-up during the partial lockdown and to imitate Doraemon’s voice when talking to a male partner.



To recap, some of the “advice” from KPWKM were:

  • If you’re a working mum and require assistance from your spouse, avoid nagging. Instead, ask him nicely in a Doraemon voice, followed by a giggle.
  • There’s even a poster (pictured above) that recommends women to not wear house clothes and put on some make-up while working from home.

Harith Iskander took to his social media to poke up of the ordeal by acting out a scene with his wife at home. The roles were switched and he ended up taking on wifey duties – Doraemon impression included. Of course, in his caption, the comedian wrote that both sexes “shouldn’t accept this kind of narrative”.


The Women Ministry said the MCO campaign’s messages were merely suggestions. The degrading posters have since been removed.

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