Malaysian singer Dayangku Intan recently made headlines nationwide for allegedly defaming a medical personnel at Putrajaya Hospital in a clip. This then led to the medical centre filing a police report against her and fellow celeb, Azwan Ali.

In a recent interview with Harian Metro, the “Kita Insan Biasa” singer was seen very calm when asked to address the controversy. In this case, Dayang said that she has no regrets and is standing firm on what she previously revealed.

Source: Malaysia Gazette

“It’s okay for them to lodge a police report. That’s their responsibility. Regardless, I hold to my position that what I’ve done (uploading the clip) wasn’t wrong,” Intan was quoted as saying.


She continued, “From the beginning I hoped that this issue could be resolved in a positive way. Supposedly, this cannot be seen from one side only. They have to watch the clip in full. After the video made its way online, none of the representatives from the hospital contacted me to discuss. If they did so, I was willing enough to cooperate.”

Defending her actions in uploading the clip, Intan assured everyone that the criticism made wasn’t of personal sake, but intended to be a reminder for the public. “For those who don’t know, when I was at the centre, no one else were there. The Covid-19 counter was also empty at that time,” she told the local news outlet.

“In fact, I didn’t have the guts to enter the emergency room because I was scared of the outbreak. What more, I’ve been suffering cold symptoms. And my throat and chest still feel dry. My fever is getting better, with inconsistent coughs here and there,” Intan shared in the interview.

Source: mStar

In relating news, it’s reported that Azwan Ali was fined RM17,000 by the Kuala Lumpur Sessions Court. He plead guilty of sending hurtful submissions regarding the Covid-19 outbreak. The 54-year-old was accused of uploading a video of himself insulting the same hospital staffs in handling the pandemic. The clip is nowhere to be found as at time of writing.

He was charged under Section 233 (1)(a) of the Communications and Multimedia Act, which could be punished under Section 233 (3) of the same act, which include maximum jail term of at least one year, a fine or both.

Sources: Harian Metro, Berita Harian.

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