The Putrajaya Hospital has filed a police report against two local celebs, Dayangku Intan and Azwan Ali. This came following the spread of 2 clips that had affected the image of the medical centre and also the credibility of the staff in handling cases involving the Covid-19 outbreak.

In the video, the veteran songstress said that she’s been suffering from fever, headache, sore throat as well as body aches. Believing that the symptoms might lead to Covid-19 infections, she rushed to the hospital to seek for treatment.


Intan further added that she went to Putrajaya Hospital to get a checkup as recommended by her acquaintance who’s also a specialist doctor. However, in a surprising turn, the “Kita Insan Biasa” hit-maker claimed that the service she received was unsatisfactory.

The issue also caught Azwan Ali’s attention as well. He took to his Twitter to voice out his support towards Intan for being vocal regarding the matter. He even threw out bashing remarks towards the Putrajaya Hospital personnel, adding in fuel to the fire.

Twitter via YOY Network

In response, Putrajaya Hospital director Datuk Dr Nora’i Mohd Said explained in an official statement that the issue has been exaggerated by abusive words (particularly by Azwan) to the health workers on duty.

She further added that the public should be more aware of the current situation of the Covid-19 outbreak and that each and every medical staff has been following the guidelines provided by the Ministry of Health.

Feel free to read on their full statement here as well as the official proof of the report lodged by Putrajaya Hospital:

Acknowledging that his words may be offensive to some, Azwan then appear to publicly apologise to the front-liners. Furthermore, he’s currently reflecting on his own mistakes for coming out with such hateful comments.


In addition, the former “Muzik-Muzik” MC revealed that he wanted to make amends by serving his homemade rendang for the hospital staff on duty. For those interested, check out the full clip of his apology below: (clip via Murai)

We still yet to hear any statement from Intan, though.

Sources: RotiKaya (1)(2).

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