The Covid-19 pandemic has brought out a strange side of Malaysians. We’ve seen people panic buying at the first sight of trouble before the Movement Control Order was in effect. We’ve seen and still see, people hoarding groceries, masks and hand sanitizers. We’ve seen people donning masks as they crowd about in markets (Ironically enough).

However, there are some types of Malaysians we DON’T see. People who lurk about in the shadows bending the Movement Control Order to get a whiff of life before the restrictions took effect. You may have seen these people whether its through social media or even as you glance outside your window briefly but for those who haven’t, here are 5 types of Malaysians you DON’T see during the Covid-19 restrictions.



The first day under the Movement Control Order was kinda weird. It was clear that some people were still a bit off on what they were allowed to do or what they weren’t allowed to do. It looks like jogging is one of the activities that isn’t really encouraged by authorities but there were still some who couldn’t shake off their exercise routines and even argued with authorities.

People aren’t doing that anymore so they’re finally getting the message but these joggers are out there, feet quaking in anticipation for the restrictions to be lifted.

Park Dwellers


It’s obvious that people are getting bored out of their minds and are in need of social company outside their household. But it’s still not a great idea to head to neighborhood parks for a quick chat with their friends. These Malaysians would mostly reside in the same neighborhoods and would mostly consists of younger individuals who are overly confident of their immunity to the virus.

You may have seen the cases propping about with police officers going full ‘uncle’ on them and rightfully so. It’s bad enough to meet just one of the boys from the hood, but to see a classroom of them under one hut is a prime example of how ignorant people are about social distancing.

Home Visitors

It’s clear that Malaysians aren’t allowed to hang out in restaurants, bars or even parks so some have found the “alternative” of going over to the houses of their friends and family members.

There are cases where people are required to check up on their family members especially older ones along with having the need to get supplies for them. That’s fine and well, since it’s necessary. However, there are still some Malaysians heading over to Aunty Wan’s house for pot luck and to Dhiran’s house for a few rounds of FIFA.

You won’t see them cause they’re indoors.


Incognito Smokers

Okay, this mostly apply to younger Malaysians. Particularly the ones who still live under their parents’ roof. These kids (who are presumably legal) smoke but their parents don’t know about it. Being stuck at home throughout the entire day with people who would not be particularly happy about your habit would force you to repress your urges as long as you possibly could.

Now, if you have a window in your room, this wouldn’t be a big problem but for some who are required to be a little more stealthy when they want to take a puff at home, it would require some Splinter Cells level discretion. These people generally come out in the dead of night and you won’t see them…. cause you’re asleep of course.

Maskless Ones

Source: The Strait Times

You’ve probably seen people wearing masks way before the MCO was in effect but now, everyone has one. Well, not everyone. There are still some people who don’t and it’s pretty rare to see them outside. To be fair, it’s not really on them since there has been conflicting word on whether individuals who do not show symptoms or those who aren’t frontliners should even wear masks.

Also, it’s near impossible to find any these days as masks were nearly sold out on the first day of the MCO. They’re still trying however as you would see some using cloths or handkerchiefs to cover their mouths and noses. It really is like the wild wild west out there these days.

Source: Reuters

And those are the 5 types of Malaysians you don’t seen often during the Movement Control Order restriction. To a certain degree, it’s good that you aren’t seeing these people cause it would mean that you are adhering the restrictions and practicing social distancing like the responsible citizen you are.

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