Yikes! Apparently word has it that a corporate staff member of the famous local delivery app FoodPanda has tested positive for coronavirus!

This came in the midst of the restricted movement order implemented by the government recently. Still, there are other companies that are working hard in order to fulfil the public’s essential needs, including FoodPanda itself.

FoodPanda Director Sayantan Das (Source: VOCKET)

In light of the recent issue, FoodPanda has taken proactive steps by undertaking immediate sanitisation procedure. As per VOCKET, the company has made it a requirement that all the staffs are to carry out further health check-ups, with all expenses covered.


Up to this day, no cases involving the riders have been reported. Food delivery operations are still under way as usual. So, rest assured that y’all can still order your food for now.

Source: Foodie

Fingers crossed the virus won’t affect more local businesses after this.

Source: VOCKET. / Featured Image: Scoopnest.

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