My E.G. Services Sdn. Bhd. recently introduced a rapid testing kit for the Covid-19 situation in Malaysia and Philippines. The innovation offers improved testing convenience, efficacy and comfort over existing methods, as stated in the press release.

According to MYEG, they are currently waiting for approval from local authorities for the use of the kit and will start accepting pre-orders through its official websites and for Malaysia and Philippines respectively.


The kit is priced at RM99 each, while a packet that consists of 10 kits is available for RM990. Developed by a leading diagnostics company and approved by the health authorities in China, the Covid-19 testing kit enables qualitative detection from blood samples taken from finger-pricking.

The samples are then applied to the test strips and can detect Covid-19 IgM and IgG antibodies which are produced within 3-7 days of infection. Not only that, it is said that the kits can accurately and rapidly detect the virus without taking the sample from the nose or throat – in 30 minutes to be exact. So, there’s no need for the samples to be sent to external diagnostic laboratories.

Source: MYEG

The testing kit is highly-recommended for the screening of suspected cases and high risk groups, particularly among tourists as well as others who have just returned from overseas.

In addition, for the convenience of the several organisations wishing to conduct Covid-19 testings for their staffs, MYEG is now collaborating with healthcare companies in an effort to offer on-site testing conducted by trained healthcare professionals.

Source: CNA

The introduction of the test kit is said to be the latest innovation launched by MYEG aimed to provide the government-required solution to overcome the Covid-19 outbreak which has recently been declared as a global pandemic by the World Health Organisation (WHO).

Update (Wednesday, 18th March):

Say what? To our surprise, it’s revealed by the Ministry of Health (MOH) that the reports regarding MYEG’s Covid-19 rapid test kit is actually fake!

In a statement posted by the ministry on its official Facebook page, they further urged everyone to not share or spread such news. As at time of writing, the post regarding the test kit is still available on MYEG’s website.


In response, MYEG released a counter-statement in order to clear the air. In this case, they emphasised once again that the kit is still waiting for approval from the authorities, including MOH itself.

For now, rest assured that MYEG is still taking pre-orders of the kit through its official portal. In case you’re interested, read their full statement here:

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