Alicia Amin has something she wants her followers to know.

The outspoken influencer recently took to her Instagram story to point out her disappointment towards a few agencies that have yet to pay their talents.


Feel free to read the combined statements here:

To all the companies/ brands/ agencies that owe your models/ influencers/ photographers/ creatives’ money. With Covid-19, you can’t organise events. So, please use that money to pay everyone what you may owe. Work will be terribly disrupted in the next few months so I urge companies to reduce your 90-day payment policy because people have bills to pay. 

We don’t have upfront payment or deposit culture as freelancers, despite knowing that many agencies do ask clients for deposits upfront. I stand by others who have had their jobs cancelled with no insurance or wondering when their next pay check will come.”

“Covid-19 is no one’s fault. But if you’re an agency that owes them money from previous jobs this would be the best time to settle your debts and work towards being better paymasters.

I have payments pending from 2019 and even some were supposed to be released in January or February. I have threatened to expose and sue these people in the past. That has been the only affective way to get their attention and be taken seriously by the agencies handing these payments.” 

She continued:


“I’m tired of doing this. I’ve spent a lot of time with other models talking about similar experiences. I know there is work to be done before this bad work culture can be corrected.

If anyone has payments they’d like to chase, please forward your receipts (proof that they’re avoiding you) along with your invoice. We could work on a general expose; highlighting agencies/ brands that don’t respect their freelancers.”

It’s easy to assume that models live glamorous and rich lives, but the “Asia’s Next Top Model” alum has lifted the veil to a small scope of what goes on behind the scenes.

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