Yikes! Bunkface’s controversial single “Akhir Zaman” has not only been removed from YouTube, but subsequently from Spotify and Facebook as well.

The news was recently confirmed by the punk rock trio themselves via their official Facebook page. Though, the song is still available on other digital platforms such as Joox, Deezer and also Apple Music.


“Within a week, our song was taken down by FB, YouTube and Spotify. They can take down our video and our song, but not our spirit,” they wrote on the caption. Following that, the boys have decided to release the physical version of the single, urging fans to give their full support for their comeback.

The exclusive “Akhir Zaman” single album is available in limited amount of copies only. Pre-order for the CD has already started today (Wednesday, 11th March) with price as low as RM10 (this excludes shipping fee).

Source: Odisi

Scrolling through the comments, most Bunkface fans have been voicing out their undying love and support towards the 3-piece band. However, a few of them even clapped back at the haters, particularly the LGBT community, for being overly triggered by the song’s dark message.

On the contrary, a number of queer activists have been pointing out their frustration towards a few digital streaming sites. In this case, they argued that the online music platforms are being hesitant in removing the song that heavily promotes hate speech.

For those interested, check out Apple Music’s response as posted by Queer Lapis below:

The drama between Bunkface and the LGBT community has not subsided as both aren’t backing down from their stand.

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