Does Ali Gatie regret revealing his personal info to the world?

Hours before performing on his mini showcase in our country on Wednesday (4th March), the 22-year-old wrote on Twitter, Because I love y’all, I got a (Malaysian) mobile number so that you can reach me on WhatsApp; +60182773017.”

Not long after that, Ali revealed that he received over 50,000 messages and missed calls combined in a span of only 12 hours! He then took to the same platform to provide some updates to his followers upon receiving such massive amount of response.

Numerous local netizens had been trying their luck in reaching him. They even shared their text messages on Twitter, urging Ali to reply them. Some even added the “It’s You” singer to numerous WhatsApp groups and proceeded to asked him out.

Interestingly, the viral tweet also caught Neelofa‘s sister, Athisha Khan’s attention. In this case, Athisha shared the tweet with the rest of her family members via WhatsApp. The famed hijab mogul’s response was priceless, though! Excited knowing that Ali had shared his phone number online, she jokingly asked Athisha to add him in the chatroom.

For those interested, feel free to check out some of the bone-tickling comments left by netizens below:

Perhaps Ali should consider changing his phone number after this?

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