K-pop songbird Luna (루나) recently opened up about her honest thoughts about her former f(x) teammate, Sulli (설리).

The 27-year-old made an appearance in the latest episode of “Human Documentary People Are Good” (휴먼다큐 사람이 좋다), where she got up close and personal on several topics, including the unfortunate news of the idol-turned-actress’ passing.

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During the session, Luna introduced Sulli’s pet dog, Bobby whom she’s taking care of now. “I got my dog around the time we were promoting the song ‘Hot Summer’. At the time, Sulli was so lonely that my mom and I decided that we should get one to keep her company. The dog that came to the dorm was Bobby, Sulli’s first dog,” Luna shared.


It was revealed that both of Luna and the “To The Beautiful You” actress had not seen each other since Sulli left the group in 2015. When she found out that Sulli passed away, Luna recalled, “I plopped down in the middle of the streets and cried.” 

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Additionally, Luna (real name Park Sunyoung) revealed the final conversation she had with the starlet after a long time since her departure. “Before she left us to heaven, she called me. For the first time in 15 years, she spoke to me in an informal manner. She said, ‘Unnie (Sister), I miss you.’ I could tell that she sent the text after holding it in for a long time. I felt so guilty as an unnie,” she said.

The “Free Somebody” singer couldn’t hold her tears as she added, “I should’ve approached Sulli first and talked to her. I should’ve said something and told her that I loved her.” 

For those interested, check out the full clip of her tearjerking interview here:

Not long after the recent episode went on air, numerous fans showered Luna with words of love and encouragement online. Seeing the massive amount of reactions, Luna commented, “I was worried at first, knowing that I talked a lot about such heartbreaking topic. However, I was incredibly shocked at the amount of supportive responses I received.”

The “Free Somebody” songstress added, “The first thing that came to mind were thoughts that I should work even harder. I should remember that I have my fans with me. I should show them how grateful I am for them. From now on, I’ll express myself truthfully through my music. I will become a singer who will be able to deliver and express all of sorts of emotions through my songs.”

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Stay strong, Luna! We believe MeUs (f(x) fans) will always be there for you.


Sources: Koreaboo, AllKpop, Soompi.

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