Ronan Keating had successfully wrapped his “Romantic Valentine Concert” in Jakarta, Indonesia over the weekend with Bunga Citra Lestari in attendance as a special guest performer.

Though fans didn’t get the chance to see her duet with the Irish heartthrob on stage, the 37-year-old still managed to amaze audiences with her take on hits such as “Karena Kucinta Kau”, “Cinta Sejati” and “Tetaplah Dihatiku” (duet with Christian Bautista).

Source: Tribun News
Source: Grid Pop ID

Despite the unfortunate outcome, Ronan had nothing but praise for BCL’s professionalism in carrying on with the show. “Seeing BCL performing tonight, we can truly understand what kind of person she is in real life. Losing a loved one is certainly the hardest experience. But she put all her sorrow behind for a while in order to entertain the fans,” said the Boyzone frontman.


He continued, “She had went through an extremely difficult phase in her life. My thoughts are with you. You’re an incredible woman”. The English pop star then proceeded with a special performance of his 2002 jam “If Tomorrow Never Comes”. “I want to dedicate this song to BCL and her family,” the 43-year-old singer was quoted as saying.

Bunga Citra
Source: Instagram

This was BCL’s second public appearance following the death of her husband, Ashraf Sinclair. Prior to this, she gave a surprise performance at SQ Dome in South Jakarta last Friday (28th February).


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