Amidst the political turmoil happening in our country, the spotlight has momentarily shifted on local dish roti canai.

Recently, a Facebook post by Nyonya Cooking went viral for referring to the popular Malaysian breakfast menu as “Asian Flat Croissant”, much to everyone’s dismay.


As aforementioned, the Facebook post has in turn sparked tons of hateful comments by Malaysian keyboard warriors. Most of them were not impressed by Nyonya Cooking’s somewhat racist description of the treat. Not only that, some netizens even came out with various funny memes on Twitter.

Domino’s Pizza’s reaction was the best, though. The popular pizza delivery chain came up with a recipe of their classic Pepperoni pizza, changing its name to “Italian Flat Naan” to poke fun at the controversial update.

The next time you visit your nearest mamak stall, try ordering this and see their response. 😆

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