Dato’ Sri Siti Nurhaliza’s manager, Rozi Abdul Razak, recently spilled an inside story on what actually happened to the award-winning songstress during a recent concert.

During a Q&A session with fans on Twitter, a concerned SitiZoner (as fans are lovingly called) asked Rozi about an unfortunate mishap occurred during the rehearsals for her “Konsert Diraja Perlis”.

Rozi’s response was priceless, though! She replied by writing, “Hahaha. Mmm..mmm.. Not sure whether I should feel sad or feel funny. During the time when Siti sang, a bug flew towards her and entered her mouth. It even got stuck in her throat. Ouch!” 

The replies section has been flooded with massive amount of reactions from local netizens. Most of them were amused with Rozi’s hilarious revelation. A few concerned fans wondered how did the Malaysian singer managed to remove the bug. Any guesses?

To quote a few die-hard fans, “Even the bug likes Siti.” Well who doesn’t like Siti?

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