Just when we thought we’ve had enough of unfortunate passing news, another prominent figure has left us for good. This time around it’s Larry Tesler.

The computer scientist known for developing the “cut”, “copy” and “paste” function has sadly passed away on Monday (17th February) at the age of 74. However, his cause of death remains unknown as at time of writing.

The news was made public by Tesler’s then company Xerox via Twitter. The statement reads, “The inventor of “cut/copy” & “paste”, find & replace, and more was former Xerox researcher Larry Tesler. Your workday is easier thanks to his revolutionary ideas. He passed away on Monday, so please join us in celebrating him.”

For those who don’t know, Tesler began his career as a researcher at Xerox where he introduced the ever popular function that many of us still use up until today. His brilliant ideas and contributions in turn attracted famed Apple founder Steve Jobs’ interest who acknowledged his innovative skills.

Tesler was then offered to work with the giant tech company, where he was one of the key figures behind the development of Macintosh, Quicktime, Lisa and Newton. It’s further reported that he previously served for Amazon and Yahoo as well.

Source: BBC

Our prayers and condolences for family members of the deceased. Rest in peace.

Sources: BBC, Al-Jazeera.

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