Jamaican sprint athlete Usain Bolt once made history after he completed a 100-metre race in 9.58 seconds, he was then given the nickname Lightning Bolt for his outstanding feat. Fast forward to 2020, it looks like Bolt’s 10-year-old record has been tarnished by a young Indian named Srinivasa Gowda.

He competed in a buffalo race held in his hometown of Karnataka. Also referred to as the Kambala race, racers need to sprint across the muddy paddy field while holding onto two buffaloes in order to finish the game.

Source: VOCKET

During the event, Gawda came in first with a time of 13.62 seconds for a distance of 124.4 metres! This means he only took 9.55 seconds to go through the first 100 metres – 0.03 seconds faster than Bolt’s previous record back in 2009. Gowda’s mind-blowing achievement has since made several headlines across the globe.


In response, sports minister Kiren Rijiju revealed his plans on recruiting the 28-year-old as part of the national team. “His rail ticket is done and he will reach SAI centre on Monday (17th February). I will ensure top national coaches to conduct his trials properly.” Rijiju wrote on his official Twitter.

We wish all the best for Gowda. Hope he can keep inspiring us with his record-breaking achievements.

Source: VOCKET.

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