Can y’all believe that besides dabbling in acting, Fattah Amin is also branching out in the music industry?

For the uninitiated, he had released numerous singles as a special gift for his fans such as “Wanita Terakhir” and also “Wanita Terindah”, just to name a few. Not only that, he also collaborated with wifey Nur Fazura for the song “Cinderella” back in 2016.

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When asked about his stint in singing, he responded by saying, “I’m serious (as a singer). Who says I’m playing around? It’s just that singing is not the same as acting. While acting might consume a lot of time, singing on the other hand, you can record the song and the product will be done in a week’s time,” he told BH Online.


He continued, “Fans are familiar with me as an actor. But honestly, I’m very serious in singing. I even had a band back during my college days,” he was quoted as saying. However, his career is more prominent in acting ever since he became active in the scene back in 2013.

“I recorded my first single just to release my longing for singing. I didn’t expect it to be a massive hit. I will continue as long as there’s request and fans want to hear me belt out my voice. Thankfully, I’ve been receiving tons of invitation to perform on stage,” the “Hero Untukmu” hit maker added.

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Fattah also shared that he had to reject a few offers due to scheduling constraints. “It’s not that I’m taking things lightly, but most often than not the invitation overlaps with my schedule. If there’s an opportunity, why would I let go of it? Trust me, my top priorities are both singing and acting,” he concluded the session.

In another update, Fattah will be releasing a new music video for his song titled “Bebas”. According to the 30-year-old, the single is different from his previous songs, as the song serves as an inspiration for listeners. He also shared that he got a lot of inspirations from his beloved life partner.

How sweet!

We sincerely can’t wait for Fattah’s return to the music scene. All the best for him! 🙂


Source: MSN.

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