Aliff Aziz seems to be having trouble coping with his life after his highly-publicised divorce with Bella Astillah. With back-to-back controversies and scandals, a lot of fans have been wondering about what caused the Singaporean celebrity to act in such manner.

Recently, it was revealed that Aliff has become a victim of black magic! As pointed by Bella herself, his family members are trying their best to find a cure for him. She further claimed that a few people are not happy with her ex-beau and wanted to see him fall ill.

Source: Buzzkini

“Aliff is currently under poor health condition. His family is currently seeking alternative treatment in order to find the cure. I can only pray that everything to be eased. We were informed by the ustaz that a lot of people are not satisfied with him. They even wanted him to fall ill and go mad,” Bella told Harian Metro.


“I am shocked that such things (witchcraft) still exists in the modern era. I have no idea what should I do. We might provide help if he’s physically unwell. But when the pain involves mystical and unseen things, it can be difficult to find the treatment for that,” she further added in the chat.

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Previously, Bella spilled her reason on why she is willing to accept Aliff back in his life. For those interested, you can read it here.

Source: Harian Metro.

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