The ongoing drama between Sharnaaz Ahmad and Noor Nabila has yet to reach its conclusion ever since the former rejected her wife’s request for a divorce.

The 35-year-old has also been accused for not showing any interest nor showing efforts in saving their broken marriage. In response, Sharnaaz has denied all the false allegations, saying that it’s unfair for people to put the blame on him only.


According to the father-of-one, he sees his efforts in finding the best solution for the problems in their relationship as very subjective. “When things like this happened, people will tend to see the negative things instead of the good ones. Actually, I have attempted to save our marriage. Nabila also has her own approach in tackling the issue,” the famed actor told Gempak.

“Both of us have been trying but I don’t know. If there was indeed no effort shown from me, how come we could celebrated Hari Raya together? But still I received a divorce application from Nabila last August. At that time, there were tears and all I thought about was our son, Jebat Jayden Ahmad. I thought things were getting better. Instead, the opposite happened and I was surprised,” he further added in the session.

Sharnaaz further assured that the dispute happening between them was not caused by a major mistake. “There may be some glitches. But, it’s just a small matter that I think can be forgiven,” he said during the chat.

“Since this is my first time being a father, there will be times when I am wrong. I’m currently fixing the mistakes and will not repeat them again. However, if they decide to bring up the same sin over and over again, then that will be unfair for me,” Sharnaaz further added.

Sharnaaz was seen at the set of his latest movie “Polis Evo 3” recently in Jalan Ampang, Kuala Lumpur.

Source: Gempak.

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