There is no question that Lee Dong Wook (이동욱) still looks undeniably smashing at age 38.

The Seoul-born heartthrob has been melting fans’ hearts with his tall and sleek physique, complete with his pale skin. Who would have ever thought that Siberian genes runs in his blood?


The surprising revelation was made during the recent episode of Dong Wook’s headlining talk show, “Because I Want To Talk” (이동욱은 토크가 하고싶어서), where Professor Yoo Sung Ho from the Seoul National University, specialising in forensic medicine, made an appearance as a guest.

During the session, Dong Wook shared with the crowd that he as well as the producer of the show – who is also born in the year of the rooster (1981) – had conducted a DNA test with Professor Sung Ho. The results showed that both of their fathers bear typical Korean ancestry. However, Dong Wook discovered that his mother’s side has genes that can be traced back to people living in Siberia – much to everyone’s surprise!

“I am a Siberian?” a shocked Dong Wook remarked. Professor Sung Ho responded by saying, “No, you’re Korean. But it’s rare, only 1% of Koreans have this.” He further added that the genes can be found among the Koryaks and Khakassians troupe.

So, what was his reaction after the surprising revelation? “I think my mother’s going to be the one who’s most surprised knowing this; I’m a Siberian!” said the “Goblin” actor as he laughed out loud.

Additionally, the result of the test further revealed that his biological age is 32 years old, based on his healthy body condition. Dong Wook explained that he regularly works out for 2 to 3 hours a day. He then jokingly asked his manager to change details of his age on all portal sites’ official profile.


Guesswe now know the secret behind his handsome facial feature 😉

Sources: Kimchi Daily, Soompi.

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