“The Ghost Bride” (彼岸之嫁) premiered on Netflix this week, just in time for Chinese New Year. Prior to this, the main cast and the directors were in Kuala Lumpur last week to promote their new drama series.

Although we went in-depth with their respective characters during our exclusive interview, the subject of a potential season 2 for “The Ghost Bride” came up. Will there be a follow-up to this storyline? After all, many questions were left unanswered.

Source: Netflix

Of course we hope that we can carry on for season 2 but that depends, because the author (Yangsze Choo) hasn’t come out with a second book,” said Angeline Tan (陈意遐), who plays the “slightly psycho” (her words, not ours) Madam Lim (林夫人).


This season was all about Li Lan’s journey and we see her story come full circle. If there were to be a follow-up, perhaps we’d delve more into the other characters in ‘The Ghost Bride’,” Chris Wu Kang Jen (吴慷仁), who portrays the 500 years old Heaven’s Guard, Er Lang, told us.

Source: Netflix
Source: Netflix

Ludi Lin (林路迪) shares the same sentiment as costar Chris Wu Kang Jen. There are still many layers to his character Tian Bai (林天白) and the Lim family left unexplored. “I think if season 2 happens, it’ll be from our imagination and what the audience really thinks because there’s a lot of you can get from feedback. We’ll know what audiences like and what audiences don’t like. It’s a very open ending at the end,” the 32-year-old said.

The Chinese-Canadian actor continued, “I’ve actually been pitching ideas to the directors all along. There were so many things that were left unsaid. Like where is Madam Lim’s husband? Where is Tian Bai’s parents? How come the Lim family particularly is so haunted by the supernatural? How come Old Wong saw a ghost and had to die?”

Source: Netflix

In the meantime, we’ll just have to come up with our own assumptions.

“The Ghost Bride” is currently available for streaming on Netflix.

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