It’s official y’all; FT Island’s Choi Minhwan (최민환) and wifey Yulhee (율희) have revealed that they are welcoming a pair of cute baby girls!

In case you missed it, the lovebirds had previously announced last August that they’re expecting twins. Their first child, Jaeyul was born in May 2018.

Source: KBS

During the latest episode of KBS’ “Mr. House Husband”, the lovely couple received a visit from Yulhee’s dad. He brought along two pink-coloured boxes for them. “These are gifts for my granddaughters,” the ex-K-pop idol’s father told her.


Expressing their gratitude and excitement after receiving the news, Yulhee shared during the interview session, “I have been silently and vocally hoped for twin daughters. When we learnt that the gender of the babies are girls, I thought to myself, ‘I’ve achieved everything now’. I felt like I was floating on air the whole day.” 

Minhwan also told that he always wanted daughters. “I think it’ll be so cute to have two daughters that are similar. I want to dress them to in couple clothings. I want to give them princess outfits that I couldn’t give to my son,” he shared in the chat.

Source: KBS

Major congrats to the mummy and daddy! We’re definitely looking forward to see the babies soon 😍

Source: Soompi.

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